1694 A Scott Blvd., Decatur GA 30033
We loan money on Pawned items. We will consider most anything of value as long as the market value can be established.

We will lend money at half off ( 12 ½ %) on Title loans when the cars are less than 10 years old and under 125k miles, when paid as agreed.

We do older cars (vintage car) without a title. As long as you have ownership papers and the car has a current registration and insurance. These cars must be left with us as a pawn item in our inside storage.

We pawn Motorcycles at 12 ½ % (must be left at our shop in our inside storage area.)

Boats and other water items, as long as we can establish that they run and are in good working condition. And left at our shop in our inside storage area.

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